What to Wear-Paris

04/07/2017 Main

 Hey gang, how you all doing? Welcome back to my clothing and accessories blog, where I get to let out everything I have been thinking about regarding the world of clothes. Me and some friends just got back from a short trip to Paris and it was so stressful! Not the actual trip, more the finding out what to wear for the trip. I hate being a tourist somewhere and looking like a tourist. If you are looking at the same dilemma any time soon, here are some quick tips on what to wear in Paris.  Read more

Top Fashion Accessories in 2017

28/06/2017 Main
Top Fashion Accessories in 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my Clothing, Shoes and Accessories Blog. I hope you all had a great week so far!
A carefully arranged look is only perfect with matching accessories. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches and more round off each outfit and underline your individuality and personality. This year eccentric jewellery, floral designs and striking gemstones are the most common must haves for the fashionably aware. Read more

My favourite sunglasses

31/03/2017 Main
My favourite sunglasses

Hey everyone welcome back to Tommy Saturday Night, my clothing shoes and accessories blog. Today I was out for a drive with my girlfriend and I almost lost my favorite pair of sunglasses! I would have been so distraught as I've had these sunglasses for three years in total, and I have been using this exact model of sunglasses from the same company for almost a decade. Normally this would be okay to lose them as I can just get a new pair but I no longer live in the country that I bought them in and these aren't exactly a common type of sunglasses you see where I live now. They actually aren't even sunglasses at all; they are work safety glasses. Read more

Ethical Fashion

29/03/2017 Main

Hi there everyone! Welcome back to my clothes, shoes and accessories fashion blog.  If you haven’t had a chance to please check out my blog post on Winter/Spring fashion. Read more

Winter Spring Clothes

23/02/2017 Main

The end of winter, and the beginning of Spring, is one of my favourite times of the year to style.   Read more

Dressing up for the Big Game

05/02/2017 Main
Dressing up for the Big Game

Hello there all you awesome people, thanks for checking out yet another post from me, Tommy, on my clothing and apparel blog. Any of you hyped up for the big game? The Super Bowl is quickly approaching which means that you need your Super Bowl party outfit. Whether you are going ultra fan and throwing on everything that has a team logo or you have your own ecentric character, http://www.easyprices.com/ has low prices on amazing items to help you make the perfect game day outfit. Read more


H&M Unethical manufacturers

28/12/2016 Main

H&M Unethical manufacturers Read more

History of the Kimono.

19/12/2016 Main

Hi everyone.  Welcome back to my Clothing, Shoes and Accessories blog.    I was looking online fairly recently for an outfit to wear for the upcoming Office Christmas Party. As everyone is aware an office Christmas party is the time of the year where everyone dresses up, lets their hair down and nothing is ever spoken of again.  For my Christmas Party this year I decided to combine 2 of the latest Autumn Winter trends for 2016/2017 and wear a strapless dress with a Kimono on top for layers.   I bought the dress a couple of months back and headed online to look for the Kimono.  I found some great used ones at cheap prices from one of my favourite second hand websites,http://www.used.forsale/. Read more

Compression Tops

08/12/2016 Main

Ey everybody, how’s it going? Tommy here again with another post for my clothes, shoes and accessories blog. I was looking at some of Under Armour's new compression tops that are coming out for this season and damn, those things look nice. They cost at least $60 each, but they look nice. I love the Alter Ego collection, which is a bunch of Superheroes chests made into a form-fitting top. I bought the Superman one last year and it is one of my favourite tops. This year though the have a really cool Captain America top, and the back has been detailed to include his under arm gun holsters. Did I mention the Star Wars ones? You can be either Darth Vader or a stormtrooper, although just the chests for these characters seem so little compared to the Super Hero ones.  Read more

Watches-Do's and Don'ts

04/12/2016 Main

Hey guys, its Tommy back again with my first ever fashion post on my clothes, shoes and accessories blog. Today I wanted to talk about watches, my favourite piece of men's jewelry. I own many wristwatches, from Rolex to Bulova so I looked at the history of them. The story of the wristwatch is an interesting one. In the late eighteen hundreds, people were getting tired of having to take their pocket watch out of their pocket to tell the time. So some genius decided to add a strap on the watch and place it around the wrist, which was insanely popular. But about 5-10 years ago, cell phones became so popular that people didn’t need watched, instead pulling their phone out to tell the time. You can probably guess where this is headed; people are now buying more watches to stop the unnecessary hassle of pulling ehri phone out. How the times change!  Read more


Welcome to Tommys Clothing Blog

01/12/2016 Main

Hey there everybody, this is Tommy here. I would like to welcome all of you guys to my new clothing, shoes, and accessories blog. Growing up in Brooklyn, fashion has been a big part of my life since I can remember. When I was a little kid, my dad even got me a tiny Tom Ford suit. I loved that suit, I would wear it every day to grade school. That love has transformed, and now I have my own collection of suits from designers all around the world. Shoes on the other hand, I am a bit more careful about. I buy shoes from two places; London and my Italian cordwainer. And no he doesn’t live in Italy, he lives in little Sicily with the rest of the family. Read more